The City of Birmingham Brass Band is a Charity and for us to be able to continue Entertaining people up and down the country we need funding! 


From individual to corporate Sponsorship, we believe we’ve put together a selection to suit anyone! and if you have an idea on how you can help the band please let us know. Our Committee can work with you and help get the most out of your sponsorship!  


Take a look at what we’ve been upto in the Past year – and let us know if you can help with anything, it might surprise you at how much it costs us to keep running.

Our last 12 Months....

Take a looks at the list of events we’ve appeared at / Organised over the last 12 months. 

Can you help us with any associated costs?

Can we advertise your company whilst were out? 

So what can you do to help the band? 

Individual Sponsorship

Sponsor A Player 1.

Pay a Players Subs for 3 months
£ 36
  • Each Player Pays £12 Per Month
  • To Cover Band Costs
  • 3 Months Subs

Sponsor A Player 2.

Pay a Players Subs for 6 Months
£ 72
  • Pay a Players Subs for 6 months
  • To Cover Band Costs
  • 6 Months Subs

Corporate Sponsorship

Can your company help? 

We have put into place a choice of sponsorship packages to suit all benefactors. From small donations to corporate sponsorship we aim to provide a package that offers value for money from an association with our Band

Please take time to peruse the enclosed sponsorship details to find out how your organisation could benefit from an association with ours.

The City of Birmingham Band will proudly endorse the names of our sponsors and will endeavour to provide a professional association with any company. It is essential that we embrace local businesses in order to prosper within our community and your support is essential to do this.

We would like to hear from any potential benefactors who can support us at any level.